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    The Orchard at Carneros

    What is The Orchard?

    The Orchard is a private residence club set in the center of the world-renowned Carneros Resort and Spa, the jewel of California Wine Country. Owners at The Orchard enjoy flexible usage of 9 fully furnished two-bedroom luxury residences, an exclusive Owners' Lounge, and a wealth of five-star services and amenities at Carneros Resort including The Spa, three dining options, Concierge services and much more.  

    Where is The Orchard?

    The Orchard is in the Carneros region of California Wine Country. The Orchard is ideally located between the Napa and Sonoma valleys and less than an hour north of San Francisco.

    How does ownership work at The Orchard?

    The Orchard is a private residence club designed to provide the pleasures and benefits of owning a real estate interest in California’s Wine Country while eliminating the hassles associated with second-home ownership. Each Owner at The Orchard receives an undivided, deeded interest in all 9 of The Orchard homes, its land and common areas. The title is evidenced by a fee simple real estate deed, which is recorded and guaranteed by a personal title insurance policy.

    What are the benefits of owning a residential interest at The Orchard?

    Ownership at The Orchard affords Owners all of the benefits of a world-class destination property for a fraction of the price that one would pay for whole ownership of a second home. Purchasing a residential interest eliminates all of the hassles traditionally associated with second home ownership - such as maintenance and security - and replaces it with all of the services and amenities of a luxury hotel. Now you can enjoy your home the moment you arrive. And since there are only a limited number of residential interests available, you have the opportunity to use your home as often as you like, subject only to space availability.  

    What services and amenities are available at The Orchard?

    The Orchard affords Owners all of the five-star services and amenities of the 27-acre Carneros Resort and Spa property. Dedicated Concierge staff is on-hand for all needs, from pre-arrival through departure. Owners have preferred access to the property's three restaurants and the award-winning Spa, which offers a variety of signature treatments inspired by local ingredients. There are pools, delightful walking paths, a state-of-the-art Fitness Center and Motion Studio, a private Owners' Lounge, and an abundance of activities available on the property and throughout the region.  

    How many residences are at The Orchard?

    There are 9 luxury homes at The Orchard. Each is a two-bedroom, two-bath design with incredible indoor/outdoor spaces abounding in unpretentious style, contemporary décor and the highest levels of quality and comfort. Each of the 9 homes at The Orchard is available for purchase in 1/10th residential interests. The maximum of 170 residential interests ensures that The Orchard will remain an intimate and exclusive community.

    How often can Owners use the property?

    Owners at The Orchard can use the property as often as they wish, based on The Orchard’s Reservation Plan. The Orchard Reservation Plan has been specifically designed for the property and is intended to accommodate Owners who prefer to plan ahead for longer stays as well as those who enjoy a more impromptu schedule. Owners may book as many as 21 days per year on a planned basis, as well as additional stays on a space-available basis.  

    Will I always stay in the same home?

    Not necessarily. Owners have equal access to all 9 homes.

    Can I use more than one home at a time?

    Yes. Ownership at The Orchard allows you to utilize more than one home at a time. An Owner needs only to comply with the reservation procedures to accomplish the booking of additional homes for the same week. There are no additional fees, just customary housekeeping, and incidental charges.  

    What happens if the number of Owners requesting to stay at The Orchard during a particular period exceeds the number of homes available?

    The Orchard's reservation procedures ensure a completely fair and equitable allocation of homes when demand may exceed supply. The Orchard’s Concierge team will confirm reservations based on each Owner’s Membership Number and annual position within the rotating priority system.  

    Do Owners pay annual assessments at The Orchard?

    Yes. In keeping with The Orchard's goal of providing hassle-free ownership of Napa Valley real estate, The Orchard staff handles all the details of maintaining The Orchard and it’s homes. On behalf of the HOA, The Orchard’s professional management team collects annual dues from Owners and then manages the payment of all utilities, insurance, staff salaries, supplies, materials, maintenance, trash removal, and accounting fees. A portion of the annual dues also goes toward contributing to a capital reserve fund for future repairs and replacement needs.  

    Can a residential interest at The Orchard be resold?

    Yes. An Owner’s undivided, deeded interest in The Orchard can be sold or transferred like any other form of real estate in California.

    What happens if my schedule changes and I cannot use the weeks I reserved?

    Flexibility to alter your travel plans throughout the year to fit your ever-changing, busy lifestyle is one of the most exciting elements of these Wine County homes. If you are unable to use your planned weeks, you may simply cancel a stay and reschedule it. Or, as an alternative, you can always send family or friends in your absence.